GunSense Blog

Tomah 2005I started blogging back in 1994 when we started tractor pulling, although the word blog did not exist back then. I just had a web site that I updated periodically with interesting facts and sometimes pictures. Overtime, blogging became a thing, and maintaining became easy. And, then in 2008, I retired from tractor pulling, and when the tractor disappeared, so did the blog. Back in the day, people would go to various web pages or blogs. I had pretty good readership, but it was hard to network. RSS feeds existed, but non-geeks didn’t really understand that.

In 2009, I got into firearms, then into competitive shooting, got certified as a safety officer, and in 2013, got certified as an instructor and started GunSense, my training company.

In the 5 years between tractor pulling and firearms training, the internet again matured and new stuff came along, primarily Social Media and Facebook. I have both a personal page and one for GunSense and started sharing experiences and commenting on things or events, and sometimes get into good conversations over what I have written. But the problem with social media is that it becomes hard to share posts with non-friends, and the only solution to that is to open your profile up wide open, which has other problems I don’t want to open my self up to.

I have been noticing that a lot of the popular bloggers have a blog, but share the blog post on social media. So, they leverage the networking of social media, but what they say has an absolute URL address on the web, so the article can be shared beyond their network. It also provides for a permanent record. Sure, you can go back and look at old Facebook posts, but generally people only see what is current.

Today, I wrote a post about a new story I saw on CBS, and realized, today is the day to start the blog. The topics I am going to write about are going to be related to firearms, particularly handguns, and their role in self defense:

  • Firearm news from Indiana, particularly changes in the laws and bills in the legislature.
  • Product reviews.
  • Comments on news stories, particularly those from Kokomo and North Central Indiana.
  • Lessons learned (things that went well or mistakes I made).
  • Upcoming classes.

If you see something you would like me to weigh in on, send me a PM on Facebook or fill out the form below.