The news just can’t end on a positive note

Stacey has the CBS news on as I was preparing to get the car ready for a trip I am making to take some firearms training. A news story popped on that said, according to the NSSF, Women are the fastest growing group of firearms owners. They interviewed a woman that owned a gun store, and it was a very positive piece, odd for the mainstream news. As the store ended, they popped up a graphic that said, the average firearms owner has not had formal training in at least a decade. Stacey said they just ruined an otherwise positive piece. Unfortunately, I cannot find this story to link to this article.


While, I agree it is a shame the that the graphic is probably true, and in fact there are firearms owners that have never had formal training, it got me thinking…

The last time I had formal automobile driving training was 32 years ago, and I know that there are large numbers of people that have never had formal drivers training. So, what does that mean? Are their people on the road that are unsafe? Sure. Do they cause accidents and injure or kill people. Yep, they do. But, does that affect my life, that is, do I choose not to drive or otherwise ride in a vehicle on public roads because of some the people have never taking formal drivers education or it has been more than a decade? No, it doesn’t. Why? Because 99.9% of people that drive are responsible enough to not kill or injure other people.

The majority of the accidents you hear about, the serious ones, seems to involve alcohol, suspended licenses, excessive speed, and fleeing from law enforcement, that is, most serious accidents involve the driver being a criminal.

And, isn’t that what we can say about firearms? I think everyone that has, and especially carries, a firearm should get regular training. But, even if they don’t, I think most firearms owners, like most drivers, are responsible and safe people. Do accidents happen? Yep, they do. But name an activity that accidents don’t happen. By in large, most injuries or deaths that occur with firearms are at at the hands of criminals.

And shame on CBS for trying to paint firearms owners in a bad light, when the cameraman and reporter that drove to the gun store, they probably have not had formal drivers education in over a decade.

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