Paul Lathrop

If you carry a gun or have one in the house for self defense, you need to follow Paul’s case.


I listen to Bob Mayne’s Handgun World Podcast on a regular basis. Sometime around October 2012, Bob interviewed Paul. I can’t remember what they talked about, but I liked what Paul had to say, and connected with him on Facebook. Paul’s podcast at the time was called Politics and Gun’s. I listened to it from time to time. It was OK, but I have a limited amount of time to listen to podcasts, and it just didn’t bubble to the top that often. Still, I remained friends with Paul on Facebook, and we had some interactions back and forth. I had never met him in person, but I knew he was a good person.

Fast forward many years. Paul changed the name of the podcast to the Polite Society Podcast, and had changed co-hosts several times. It had been a while since I had listened to an episode.

Then, in February, my Facebook feed blew up. Paul Lathop has been arrested. A GoFundMe or some such thing was set up. I knew I wanted to help Paul, though I had never met him, I knew he was just like me. I had a class scheduled for the upcoming weekend, and my wife and I agreed we would donate the proceeds of that class to help Paul. As we talked, my thoughts drifted to George Zimmerman. While Mr. Zimmerman was ultimately acquitted, he became a target and has been arrested or investigated multiple times. Without a doubt, Paul needed money, but I looked to the future and decided I wanted to get him peace of mind for the future, so we connected with his wife, Susan, and bought them a family Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network membership. You never know why one case, like Zimmerman, because a regular feature on the nightly news, and yet a similar case is never known outside of a very small circle. Not knowing what would happen to Paul, made the ACLDN membership time-sensitive. I think the time between deciding to help them and them being paid members only took an hour or so. I do not believe Paul had even had a bail hearing and will still in jail in Nebraska.

And now, I became very interested in his podcast, mainly to learn more about his case (which he couldn’t talk about). What I found is that the current cast of co-hosts are just excellent and this has become my favorite podcast. I knew he hosted big name trainers at his home range in South Dakota, and learned Kathy Jackson was teaching an instructor development class on August. I have always wanted to take training from Kathy, and in particular this class. It was certainly not conveniently located for me, but the opportunity to take some training with Paul and Kathy, was too much to resist. So, I spent a week with Paul (and Susan) and learned he is just as great of a guy as he seems, and proud to call him a friend.

On Monday, he was acquitted of charges for something that never happened. This cost him $25,000. There is so much to learn from his case. Instead of go into the details myself, list to Paul’s on words on several recent interviews, and I will update this as more interviews occur.

Safety Solutions Academy Podcast (1:55)

Handgun World Podcast (1:10)

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