TSA Pre-Check is awesome!

tpc_artToday was my first experience with TSA PreCheck.

I always opt out of the porno-scan, instead getting the pat down. On top of that, on this trip I carried some liquid medication with me that required refrigeration. So, I had a small cooler with frozen foam blocks and my medication. At last on the trip down I am under the limit for liquids, but I won’t be on the way back because I had an unopened 8 oz bottle in my checked bag. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it is opened.

So, I go to the United counter at Indianapolis, check my checked bad and declare a firearm. No big deal there. I have to commend United for not putting any additional identification on the outside of my suitcase.

Something I always do is empty my pockets into my computer case, so I did that. I went through the Pre Check line, which had no wait, walked up to the conveyor, and put my laptop bag and cooler on it, walked through a metal detector with my shoes and belt on, grabbed my cooler and laptop bag on the other side, and walked away. I literally only stopped moving for maybe 5 seconds to wait for my stuff to come out of X-Ray. The longest part was having my ID checked, and that was only an issue because I had prematurely packed it. Now, that being said, this was 11AM on a Sunday in Indianapolis. There was no line that I saw for the common folk either, but still, I would have had to remove my laptop, shoes, and belt, and the the pat down takes 3 or 4 minutes if someone is available right then.


Since I got the Pre-Check, I learned there is a Global Entry option, which is $15 more ($100 vs $85), but it had a lot of advantages. I didn’t know of it at the time, but that is what I will do when I need to renew. If you do any amount of flying, I would highly recommend it. It makes flying like it used to be 20 years ago.


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