GunSense LLC is a firearms training company located in Russiaville, IN which is about 10 miles west of Kokomo in North Central Indiana. GunSense teaches a wide variety of classes, but focuses on beginning pistol, home defense, and concealed carry.

One feature that sets GunSense apart from other training companies is the use of Laser simulation. We project targets on a large screen and using SIRT or other Laser simulations, the students aim and shoot. A camera watches for the red Laser dot, and draws a bullet hole and makes a gun shot sound. The camera tracks the shot pattern, so students know immediately if they are performing the technique correctly or not. We use this simulation in conjunction with any class that has a live fire component to it.

We also have an private indoor range on site. The advantage of an indoor range is so that during the live fire portion of the class, there are no gun shots in the background.

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